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In Hawaiian, Kai is a neutral name that means "sea". Whenever I return to Chile, I go to the sea to look at the horizon calmly. Only then do I feel at home. In one of those moments, with a book in hand, I had the idea to design a small, elegant, and meaningful product.


I have many books, I buy them like an avid collector. However, since I was very young, I’ve had trouble reading. It’s as if I have some undiagnosed dyslexia. I did well in school, but it was my mother, a passionate reader, who read books to me out loud.


Now as my eldest son, Santiago, is learning to read, all those memories come flooding back. How many sorrows and embarrassments I faced trying to read out loud, and worst of all, in front of my class!


Kai is not only designed to mark the page of a book but also to help both adults and children read better. The thinner edge of Kai makes it easy to follow the line while reading and to place fingers on it, allowing for easy movement.


Kai, in honor of my mother.

You can pick up your order at the workshop in Sigtuna or choose a delivery option within Sweden for a flat fee. For international orders, please get in touch with us at

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Available in pear, birch, oak, ash, and cherry


200x38x6 mm

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